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The one where the blog begins ...

Hi! So I love writing, but I always pretend I don't have time, or I'm not interesting enough blah blah..! I want to do this for me and if someone wants to join along on the ride every now and again, well, welcome! I'm Abi, I'm 29 years old and I'm a choreographer, dancer and model living in Hollywood!

I'm currently on a transformation journey - in all areas of my life! Finances, image, health, career - hardcore focus & alignment for the next 6 months. Its August 19th, and I am currently in the process of leveling up COMPLETELY. I'm sick of starting new, making false promises to myself and wasting time on goals that should have already been accomplished. The time is now, and I'm ready to take over ... not tomorrow, not next week, but TODAY.

I'm blogging my experiences along the way to keep myself on track and accountable, to share with those who might find it useful/inspirational or just plain interesting, and to look back and be proud of this journey. Taking new strides & facing that you're not happy staying where you are can be scary, especially if you don't want to fail. But I'm ready for 1000 failures for the 1001 win. It's my time, I have my resources at the ready, and my excuses have become futile.

Join me.

Xoxo, Abi.

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