• abianneoliver

Day 4&5/365 - Skirball Show & Girls Night Out.

The weekend consisted of prep for a show with my Persian artist Rana at the Skirball Cultural Centre, LA. I LOVE working with Rana, she is an inspirational artist and woman and is constantly challenging the cultural norms that are faced by Persian women. After a productive rehearsal (and an early nights sleep for once), we had the show yesterday and it was hugely successful! Such a beautiful event and the choreography looked incredible on stage. My work is so therapeutic, sometimes I forget how much so. I want to dance & work-out at least once every day through-out this journey, it's soul quenching and makes you forget about all the silly little things in life (and makes the big not seem so daunting).

The girls all went for a drink at the Frolic Room afterwards, a super vibe-y dive bar on the Hollywood Strip, I could barely focus as I was texting my ex. I think I'm definitely hitting the hardest part, where you stop remembering how angry you were when they left and start feeling the void of that person and all that they were so heavily present in your life (whether good or bad). I'm equipping myself for a tough week ahead by pre-scheduling my dance classes and trying to eat a little better. Wish me luck <3 xo

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