• abianneoliver

Day 2/365 - a shift & a challenge partner.

I felt low again today. A little lost, no motivation whatsoever. The entire bottle of red wine last night sure didn't help (a break-up always seems to excuse copious amounts of vino & terrible food). I went through the motions at my shift and met my friend Hadassah at The Grove (sooo beautiful during Holiday season).

We wandered the stores, got some Tacos at the Farmer's Market and decided to pass by Barnes & Noble, a wonderful bookstore where you get lost in the aisles. She asked about how my break-up was going, and I told her about my 365 day plan. She was inspired by my decision and asked what I planned to do with my time, so I told her about my YOLO list. Now my hyper-organized friend always has a plan (which I love), and suggested that I break each month into a different skill - 12 months of growth with each month focused on something new and incredible! We're still working out the details, but here are some of our ideas for each months theme. If you have any suggestions send them my way!

- Reading

- Spanish

- Cooking

- Working Out

- Meditation & Wellness

- Dance Class

- Modelling & Photography

- Art & History

- Music Genres

- Writing

- Hiking

- Interior design & Feng shui/Plants

I will keep you guys updated! Very excited about this new chapter!